NASA launches key test program of lunar rocket test flight in summer 2022

On May 30,2022,the space systems command of the US space force announced that eight national security space launches(NSSL)would be carried out in fiscal years 2022 and 2023!Among the eight missions to be launched in the next two years,five will be assigned to the joint launch alliance ula and three to the empty X:SpaceX.In the past 2020,the two companies won the procurement contract for the second phase of national security space launch(NSSL),and ula won 60%and 40%of SpaceX's missions for more than five years.
Specific tasks assigned to ula joint launch Alliance:
The seventh GPS 3 satellite,or GPS-3 SV-7.SpaceX has launched four of the five GPS 3 satellites currently in orbit.GPS 3 SV-7 will be launched into the Middle Earth transfer orbit by Vulcan Centaur rocket.
Ussf-16,ussf-23 and ussf-43:all confidential missions will be launched by Vulcan Centaur rockets from the eastern range.
Wgs-11+:the wideband global satellite communication(wgs-11)military communication satellite will be launched from the eastern mountains to the geosynchronous transfer orbit on Vulcan centaur.
Tasks assigned to SpaceX:
Ussf-124:a mission of the U.S.space force and the missile defense agency,which will use the Falcon 9 rocket to launch into low earth orbit.
Ussf-62:this mission includes the first military meteorological system follow-up(WSF)satellite launched into polar orbit by Falcon 9 rocket.
The first batch of SDA:a batch of small satellites used in the first batch of communication satellite constellations of the space development agency.The mission will use the Falcon 9 rocket to launch into polar orbit.This will be the first of the six planned phase 1 tasks that SDA will launch.
The Space Systems Command said in a press release that the eight missions are expected to be launched within the next two years,but did not specify the timetable.Ula's Vulcan Centaur rocket has not yet flown,but the command expects the aircraft to be ready for these upcoming missions."Ula and SpaceX have powerful launch systems,and we are fully confident that they will meet the needs of the eight missions we ordered today,"said Colonel Chad Melone,head of launch procurement.