Space tourism, lunar research station! China Aerospace reveals future plans

On January 28,the Information Office of the State Council released the white paper"China's aerospace in 2021".At the press conference,wuyanhua,deputy director of the National Space Administration of China,said that in the past five years,China's aerospace industry has witnessed numerous highlights and fruitful results.In the next five years,China will cultivate and expand the space application industry.Promote the deep integration of space applications and digital economy,enrich application scenarios,innovate business models,and deepen the comprehensive application of communication,navigation,and remote sensing information.Accelerate the transfer and transformation of space technology achievements to the economy and society,and cultivate and develop new forms of space economy such as space tourism,space Biopharmaceutics,and space breeding.
Wang Yanan,editor in chief of aviation knowledge magazine,said that aerospace is a major scientific and technological project different from other fields.It heavily depends on the overall level of a country's science and technology and economy.
Looking back on the"report card"of China's aerospace industry,it took 33 years from the launch of China's first man-made satellite in 1970 to the launch of China's first astronaut into space by Shenzhou V in 2003.In the 18 years from 2003 to now,we have made achievements that may be unimaginable in the past:from Shenzhou V to Shenzhou 13,nine manned spacecraft and several cargo spacecraft have completed the sampling and return to the moon,completed the successful landing and investigation on Mars,and realized the construction project of the Chinese space station.
Wang Yanan said frankly that after the reform and opening up,China's national strength and scientific and technological strength have entered a rapidly rising track,which has also injected new vitality into China's aerospace engineering.
Looking forward to the future,astronauts have set more ambitious goals.According to the National Space Administration,in the next five years,China Aerospace will innovate and promote the implementation of major projects.Including the construction of the Chinese space station and the high-resolution earth observation system,the implementation of the fourth phase of lunar exploration,and the construction of the basic type of the international lunar research station,planetary exploration and other major new projects.In addition,it will also make an overall layout of space scientific exploration;Create a good environment for aerospace development,improve the innovation system of deep integration of industry,University,research and application,and strengthen the basic capabilities of the aerospace industry.At the same time,China Aerospace will also expand the depth and breadth of international cooperation.Actively participate in the global governance of outer space,and contribute Chinese programs and Chinese wisdom in the fields of near earth small object monitoring and response,planetary protection,space traffic management,etc.
"In this whole future plan,we found an obvious change."Wang Yanan said that the five-year plan will pay more attention to the industrialization development led by the integration of space science,space technology and space applications.Space tourism,space biopharmaceutical and other fields are the directions to be vigorously promoted in the next five years.On the one hand,these fields will benefit from the fruitful technological achievements of China's space development in the previous stage,on the other hand,they will also accelerate the pace of space science and technology towards application fields,so that China's space industry can better serve the national development plan and better benefit the people's livelihood.