NASA will remove the space launch system rocket from the launch pad for maintenance


On April 17,local time,NASA announced that it would evacuate the space launch system(SLS)rocket on launch pad 39B of Kennedy Space Center in Florida and return it to the rocket assembly building for various maintenance,and held a telephone meeting to discuss the next launch drill test of SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft.This also means that the first flight of the SLS rocket will be further postponed.

NASA launches key test program of lunar rocket test flight in summer 2022


On May 30,2022,the space systems command of the US space force announced that eight national security space launches(NSSL)would be carried out in fiscal years 2022 and 2023!Among the eight missions to be launched in the next two years,five will be assigned to the joint launch alliance ula and three to the empty X

Astronauts return to unlock Gansu technology for space exploration


On April 16,the Shenzhou 13 mission team,which had been on a business trip in space for half a year,successfully completed the set task and returned to the ground safely.For the first time,the Shenzhou 13 re-entry module adopted the rapid return scheme,which reduced the return time from about one day to just a few hours.

Space tourism, lunar research station! China Aerospace reveals future plans


On January 28,the Information Office of the State Council released the white paper"China's aerospace in 2021".At the press conference,wuyanhua,deputy director of the National Space Administration of China,said that in the past five years,China's aerospace industry has witnessed numerous highlights and fruitful results.In the next five years

A new milestone in human exploration of the mysteries of the universe


At 20:20 on December 25, 2021, Beijing time, the Ariane 5 rocket carrying the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) lifted off from the kuru space launch center in French Guiana. The Weber telescope will reach the solar terrestrial Lagrange L2 point, which is 1.5 million kilometers away from the earth, through a flight of about one month

Double arrows into the sky, surprise again and again! Review the high-energy moment of China's aerospace "rocket brush" in the past three years!


At 19:15 on August 24,the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center successfully launched three communication technology fusion test satellites in the form of"one arrow,three stars"with the long march-2 c-50-1 carrier rocket and the expedition-1 S-2 upper stage.Just four and a half hours later,at 23:41 on August 24

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